Temporary Fence Season is in Full Bloom!

Traffic cones are blooming and the streets are lined in a fluorescent orange glow. Construction season is here! American Fence Rental is ready to meet your immediate job site security needs. They have over 5,000 temporary fence panels in stock, equating to over thirteen miles of temporary site security fence. Standing ready at American FenceContinue Reading

Casino Diagonal Louver Specs

Casino diagonal louvers have received ample interest from designers and architects. They would all like to know how they can include PalmSHIELD’s newest louver panel design into their next modern enclosure, dumpster enclosure, equipment screen or mechanical patio rail. PalmSHIELD has provided a series of CAD drawings to make it straightforward for architects to quickly add thisContinue Reading

Modern Diagonal Louvers from PalmSHIELD

Are you looking for industrial fencing, but you want a design that is more suited for a chic and trendy lifestyle? PalmSHIELD’s new Casino diagonal louver panels provide a striking appearance for any modern property. When designers and architects are looking for a structure that could end up being an architectural focal point, Casino diagonalContinue Reading

PalmSHIELD Announces New Cable Railing

PalmSHIELD is very excited to announce their brand new exclusive architectural cable design. This design is an architectural marvel for cable railing. PalmSHIELD uses a single cable design in which the cable is attached at the top of the panel and then strung back and forth over a series of spools to a single tensionerContinue Reading